Those who suspected…

From the Washington Post, Republicans possibly suspected President Trump was being financed in some way by Russian leader Vladimir Putin. If this is true, those who suspected and did nothing are just as guilty as those who took money from a foreign power. Endorsing a candidate whom you believe takes money from a foreign power as your candidate for President is unconscionable. Whoever does/did this should be viewed as collaborators…enough on my editorial.

Two things:

  1. Special prosecutor, good. Now the partisan and political use of this case can be hopefully hashed out by a man who both side seem to believe can get to the root of President Trump’s possible connection to Russia and his possible attempt to obstruct the FBI’s investigation in regards to his actions with and towards Mr. James Comey.
  2. The Washington Post…wow…Just read this and watch other sources to see what comes of this. Of course, the Washington Post and President Trump have been at odds during the entirety of his candidacy and his Presidency. This may amount to nothing, but if it does…wow.

Again, comment to start a conversation or show me someplace else to look.


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