Pit falls and hilarities

So early last week I ate something, what it was I could not say (I have a sneaking suspicion that it was a meatball that at the time I thought was delicious). What ever that something was, Monday night I awoke around midnight with the dreaded bubble in the stomach that your mind automatically uses to check if all the hatches are still water tight. I then proceeded to spend Tuesday in a suspended state of dread and on the toilet. All this has happened when I no longer have anything to read and no TV to entertain myself, leading to my imagination taking me away from my be only to be abruptly jarred back to reality by an unpleasant gurgling in my lower intestines. Over the next day I cat napped, in the same manner as I day dreamed, until Wednesday morning. I was able to get to the hospital accompanied by one of my Chinese counterparts and spent time being evaluated and questioned in a state of dehydration and exhaustion which led me to believe that some funny things were being said about me. During this trip I learned a few things; first and foremost Chinese hospital visits cost considerably less that the American counterparts. I spent a total of 350 Chinese RMB for diagnosis, lab tests, and prescriptions which comes out to around $35…another win for the arguments for social medicine in my book. Secondly, when they want a waste sample to evaluate, imagine trying to get that squating over a hole in the ground while exhausted from dehydration and diarrhea…and opening the stall door to see what can only be described as an adult sized potty training device. The shame and exhaustion I felt was further exacerbated. Finally, Chinese hospitals aggressively treat things such as this, I was given a shot in the posterior, and IV drip, and enough drugs to help a moose with bowel problems I’m sure and sent home. Those drugs had me feeling better by that evening, I slept fairly well and was back at work the next day. All in all the Chinese doctor told me I got sick because I ate something when I was cold, so I had to take my medicine with hot water to even that out, this yin and yang approach to modern medicine is humorous to say the least, it was the main topic of jokes amongst my western companions here for the last few days. Next time I decide to eat under cooked food, I’ll drink both hot and cold water to ensure that I don’t get sick….


One thought on “Pit falls and hilarities

  1. ‘Pit’ falls? I hope you did not fall in. Sorry to hear you were sick but sounds like all is well now. Take care and drink hot or bottled water! Mom


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