While my time here continues to bring me joy, there are always oddities and weirdness which cause me to chuckle. Perhaps one of the best benefits of teaching history in China is the near reverence the people have for the past. I know that this is a byproduct of the Confucian beliefs regarding ancestors, but it still warms me to hold a position of respect for my field of study. The fact that during class Communist Party song blast from speakers adorning the school is a source of never ending mirth and frustration due to my mind constantly wandering and wondering as to the content of the songs. I learned today that sometimes the parents need to be cajoled to orderly conduct when picking up their child, I determined this after seeing the gate guard in a helmet with an honest to goodness truncheon. That forced me to reconsider the concept of American helicopter parents. The best part is I’m slowly learning some words, and being able to communicate more efficiently is important, especially when choosing food.

 I’ve finally gotten the heat working in my flat, the next step is to explore a little beyond my village…


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