Travel day 1

The beginning of the trip:

The departure has gone smoothly. From the family support to the friendly gate people of Alaska, everything has been easier than actually getting my Visa. Now I’m just waiting, as travel mostly is, waiting in the airport, plane, or on a bus. Most travel is tedium intermixed with slight anxiousness if you’re late or rushed. I love traveling alone…I have no-one to Shepard or wait for. I don’t have to consider any needs but mine as long as I am traveling alone. This simplifies life for that short period of travel time…it reminds me of the tedium of waiting for an unrep to begin, or after kicking the LCUs out of the ship and waiting for them to come back. The tedium of waiting in military operations is similar to the tedium of traveling…short bursts of anxiety/activity interspersed with long periods of waiting and boredom only alleviated with comradrie and humor.


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